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My name is Meg! I’m a 26 year old living in Cleveland and working in an ice cream shop! Attempting to find my food freedom and eating REAL FOOD!

CONTACT: bettermeg@gmail.com 
@better_meg on Instagram

This is my story of how I’m becoming better. Here is pretty much the big book of my weight from high school up! Buckle up!

I have always been overweight (that’s what they all say. But for real. I have been) I’ve always been very self conscious about my body and confident all at the same time.

High School
When I was a sophomore in High School, I decided to do Jenny Craig because I became afraid of my arms losing their elasticity and that they would just stay big forever. (Yes! This was an honest concern at the age of 15) I lost around 30 pounds and maintained that loss until Junior Year of high school when one of my best friends committed suicide. I quit Jenny Craig (obviously). I became depressed and used food for comfort. I gained that 30 pounds back. Easily. I remember being a senior in high school and my dad offering me a gym membership as a birthday present. I went to water aerobics almost every Monday night. I don’t think I lost any weight but I thought it was fun to hang out with old people and be able to do all of the moves and not sweat because I was in water! I don’t really remember how I ate in high school but I do remember getting ice cream with my dad a lot. And enjoying McDonald’s. My family dabbled between family dinners and eating out. Just depended on the mood. I bought almost all of my school lunches because my school actually had delicious food! (Oh Hey public school!) As for activity? Other than Monday night water aerobics and being on the tennis team in the fall, I wasn’t very active. I remember my Myspace account saying “I watch more TV than any person you’ll ever meet” Thinking that was some big accomplishment.

I went to school just two hours away from home, at Bowling Green State University! This town is known for delicious food! There honestly isn’t anything to do but eat and drink here. I would eat at the dining halls and buy a few groceries. When I moved into my sorority house, I had all flex dollars and was able to eat at the union everyday! This meant really good salads (with probably 1/2 cup of ranch dressing) along with smoothies (that are not healthy) steak sandwiches and just all of the food your parents don’t want you to eat. My friends and I ate our nearly every meal on the weekends and then drank an abundance of alcohol. Senior year of college, I joined Weight Watchers with my friend Sarah. I was so excited! We went to the rec everyday the first week! I didn’t have an iPhone but I tracked everything on the computer. Down to the last bite. I gained 3 pounds my first week. And so I quit.

I wish I had written it down, but I may have started college in a size 14/16 and ended in a 20/22. I just kept telling myself that it was just a number. I honestly didn’t know how big I was.

Summer After College
I went to Cape Cod to finish my internship at a Girl Scout Sailing camp. I made some of the best friends in my life. Constantly cheering me on, making me feel good. Walking the 75 stairs up to the cabins was TERRIBLE. I was always out of breath and feeling like death. That didn’t stop me from leading Zumba every Tuesday and Thursday of camp! I never felt stupid. I was a pretty confidant overweight girl.

It wasn’t until I came home from camp and started working in a bakery that I realized i wanted to change my life. I wanted a boyfriend (had never had one) and I wanted to feel on the outside how I felt on the inside. I joined Weight Watchers again. On my own. Without any friends. Got an iPhone (honestly key in tracking with ease) and lost weight with points plus. I lost almost 40 pounds in the first year!!! I was so proud of myself. I got a boyfriend! and then I learned what maintaining looked like.

I found out for myself how hard it was to have a boyfriend and reach your goals. Constantly going out to dinner and weekend trips (we did long distance) And i somehow maintained that weight loss for over 2.5 years.Meaning I was still on weight watchers but I didn’t ever lose any weight. I just bounced between the same 5 pounds for a long time. I then hit my 40 pound mark and Weight Watchers switched from Points Plus to Smart Points. You can read my decision on that here

I work in an ice cream shop and gained 12 pounds back. Ice Cream is my addiction. My face has been breaking out some kind of fierce lately so I decided in December 2016 to start reading food labels and just care about what I was putting into my body. If I can’t read it, I don’t eat it. If I think that product shouldn’t be in there (sugar in bread, i’m looking at you) I don’t eat it. It’s a pretty simple plan.

January 30, I decided to complete the Whole30 after my skin doctor told me to try a dairy free diet. May as well go all the way! I completed the Whole30 Feb 28 and have never been more proud of myself. I lost the weight that I had gained the past year in a matter of 30 days.

As of March 7, 2017 I am continuing to eat real foods, document my life on Instagram (@better_meg) and try to live as toxic free as possible.

I’ve been thinking about going back to school for nutrition because it has become such a quick passion!

*If you read this whole thing, email me because I should send you a thank you note in the mail!


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